We practice a MANDATORY pre-booking system for all classes & workshops . 

How Does It Work?

- All students of Resonate MUST complete a one-time registration process. You will not be allowed to participate in class until your forms have been completed and returned. 

- Once you have purchased your classes (available in the form of: 1-time/drop-in class/ 10-hour package/ 20-hour package/ 30-hour package and private lessons), you will be asked to verify which class(es) you would like to be confirmed for. (DON'T panic- if you cannot decide right then, go home, think about it, mull it over... you can always book on the day. However, we cannot guarantee your spot until you have confirmed your decision.) 

- When you have confirmed which classes you would like to commit to, we will add you to our relevant WhatsApp group chats so you may be kept up-to-date with any news or announcements. 

- If you have purchased a package, you will be given your pass card which you will need to keep safe. Please place your cards at the designated tray at reception. It will be stamped before class begins. 

- Students should wait in the reception before their class begins.

- Resonate Minis, Juniors and Progressives will be asked to line up with their water bottles before class begins so we may enter in an orderly manner. 

- Please try to use the bathroom BEFORE your class begins so you can maximise your time in the studio and also help us keep the flow of class positive for everyone in the room. 

Class Etiquette

- Please wear suitable clothing and footwear for all performance and visual art classes. If you are unsure, please ask us! 

- Please arrive at least 5 minutes before you are due to begin your class so we have an appropriate amount of time to check you in.

- Once class begins, we appreciate that the studio door does not open unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e. if you are about to pee your pants). 

- If you are a Resonate Button, Mini, Junior or Progressive, we would suggest arriving at least 10 minutes before your class begins. 

- We appreciate treating everyone with respect. 

- Do we really need to say that any form of verbal or physical abuse is an absolutely no-no? 



- At the end of class, make sure to scan the room for your water bottles and belongings. 

- We will love you like your mamas, but we will not clean up after you like your mamas ;). Please make sure to treat all space with care and respect. 

Cancellation Policy 

We understand that at times there may be reasons for needing to cancel your bookings. We practice a mandatory pre-booking system in order to honour our commitment to serving our community better.

Classes have been capped to adhere to strict student-teacher ratios for safe and positive learning experiences. (Please see relevant age group program descriptions for ratios). 

If you are on a package, your spot will be secure every week unless you make a cancellation within the appropriate window. Drop-ins and trial classes will be honoured by queuing after those on packages.

You may book your class up to one week in advance. 

If you need to cancel your booking, we cannot refund you but you may book a replacement.

If you have not cancelled your class 12 hours prior to class, we will still have to charge you for the class. 

Booking Process

You may book your classes one week in advance. Those on packages will have their classes booked for the duration of their package and their spots are secure. 

Bookings cannot be honoured until ALL steps of the process have been completed, including filling in your contact details and proof of payment. 

We practice this booking system as we respect and value our students and community. 

For classes: You will be asked when you purchase your packages which classes you wish to be included in. Once you are in the WhatsApp group, you will be in charge of managing your own classes, should you need to make cancellations (please see Cancellation Policy). 

For special workshops & events: You will be asked to fill in and submit a form to confirm your booking. Please make sure to complete all the steps. 

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