Rehearsal & Training Schedule

This is our rehearsal/training schedule for our upcoming production.

As every single person in our community plays an important role in our Resonate ecosystem, we have written an original screenplay which tells an important story of resilience and hope, starring YOU.

Phase One

Production Stage: This is where we build our characters and learn our choreography and lines. Our working script is developing during this stage as we delve deeper and deeper into each role. Rehearsals will take place virtually during MCO 2.0 until SOPs allow for us to be back in-person.

Phase Two

Rehearsal Stage: This is where we start to assemble and piece together all parts of the puzzle. Here we are starting to merge several rehearsal groups so we can run each scene accurately. Rehearsals will take place virtually during MCO 2.0 until SOPs allow for us to be back in-person.

Phase Three

Filming Stage: This is where we will be filming each scene at various locations as per our screenplay! This is arguably the most exciting part, where months of your hard work will finally be documented on film. 

(We will be conducting at least ONE "stage rehearsal" before filming per scene on location so everyone feels comfortable and confident in what they are doing). 

Phase Four

Post-production Stage: This is where you get to sit back and relax (or come back to classes in the studio/virtual/outdoors ;)! This is when the movie will be edited to reflect the glorious story of hope, resilience and humanity that we have envisioned and produced together! 

We have completed Phase One and Phase Two!!! Thank you for committing to the last 6weeks of the  first-stage process and being an important part of this production!!! 

Stage rehearsals will take place from the 13th of March and will continue until the last week of March. We will begin Phase THREE (filming) at the start of April. 

Previous rehearsals have all been virtual so we are excited to finally see you in person to rehearse off the screens!! 

We will be filming on-location with use of green screens and sets (SOPs-permitting). 


(14th January to 10th February) 

Bookings and rehearsals for this phase have now closed/been completed. Please head below to Phase Two of our rehearsal schedule! Thank you, lovelies!


(11th to 27th Feb)

Rehearsals for this phase have now been completed. Thank you so much for being a part of this!! Please stay tuned for updates on Phase Three!

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