Holiday Camp! 

Daily Schedule

This is a 4-day camp but you are not obliged to do all days and single-day bookings can be made. Bookings can be made on a drop-in basis or on your package. 

Healthy snacks will be provided (please do let us know beforehand if you have any food allergies/sensitivities). We encourage our students to eat a nutritious and fuel-loaded breakfast as we will only be snacking until end of camp day.

Bookings for Week One (29th/31st/1st/2nd) and  Week Two (April 5th/7th/8th/9th) available at the click of the buttons below :)



MONDAY (10am to 2pm) : 29TH MARCH, 2021  /  5TH APRIL, 2021

How to fall. And get back up again! In class AND in life!! Girls run the world!

10am to 11.30am : Musical TheatreJazz dance class

11.30 - 11.45am : Snacks and journaling break

11.45- 12pm :  Conditioning exercises for core strength and isolation control

12 - 12.30pm : Turns drills and safe landings 

12.30 - 1pm : Safe stretching and flexibility

1 - 1.30pm : Q&A  and troubleshooting common mistakes (ex: why do I keep falling off balance when I turn?)

1.30 - 2pm : Filming



WEDNESDAY (10.30am to 2.30pm) : 31ST MARCH, 2021  / 7TH APRIL, 2021

How to be brave enough to move dynamically... and from the heart. Self expression and awareness. Girls are superheroes!

10.30am to 12pm : Pop Jazz Fusion dance class

12 - 12.15pm : Snacks and journaling break

12.15 - 12.30pm :  Conditioning exercises for core strength and isolation control

12.30 - 1pm : Cross-floor drills

1 - 1.30pm : Safe stretching and flexibility

1.30 - 2pm : Q&A  and finding proactive solutions to modern-day problems. Raising ourselves stronger, and braver.

2 - 2.30pm : Filming



THURDAY (11am to 3pm) : 1ST APRIL, 2021  / 8TH APRIL, 2021

How to work as a team. Because sisters lift each other up.

11 - 12.30pm : Contemporary dance class

12.30 - 12.45pm : Snack and journaling break

12.45 - 1pm : Conditioning exercises for core strength and isolation control

1 - 1.30pm : Reaction and teamwork drills

1.30 - 2pm : Safe stretching and flexibility (understanding our personal limits in a high-pressure industry and when NOT to push)

2 - 2.30pm : Q&A on the importance of rest/refuel cycles, self-care, and understanding healthy habits as dancers (meal prep, stretching, etc)

2.30 - 3pm : Filming



FRIDAY (9am to 1pm)  : 2ND April, 2021 / 9TH APRIL, 2021

How to pack it with a punch! Queens know when to take charge!

9 - 10.30am : Street Fusion dance class

10.30 - 10.45am : Snack and journaling break

10.45 - 11am : Conditioning exercises for core strength and isolation control

11.45 - 12pm : Plyometric and speed drills for bigger range in jumps, leaps and "power moves".

12 - 12.30pm : Q&A and jam session (improv skills)

12.30 - 1pm : Filming

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