R8DC's "The Wall" (an original screenplay)

Is it human nature to crack under adversity? Are we not tired of facing the same problem with conflict and no solution?

Our upcoming production, “THE WALL,” is set in an alternate universe where we are forced to gather as a community to fight against the bigger issue.  

What happens when one of your own challenges the opinion of the majority?  

Maybe the masses aren’t always right… and it’s time for the overlooked to step up.

This is our chance to show how we can conquer, no matter how big or small the issue.

Rehearsal & Training Schedule

This is our rehearsal/training schedule for our upcoming production.

As every single person in our community plays an important role in our Resonate ecosystem, we have written an original screenplay which tells an important story of resilience and hope, starring YOU.

Please note that when you sign up for the below classes, you are committing to a full production schedule (commitment to 4-5 weeks of training - each dancing and/or acting scene will be taught over the course of MCO and we will need full participation as all classes will contribute to our final production).

These rehearsals are currently planned to take place VIRTUALLY, but as soon as SOPs permit, we shall move back to outdoors, studio or virtual hybrid

We will be filming at-location with use of green screens and sets (SOPs-permitting).  

Age Groups: 
Minis: ages 4 to 6 
Juniors: ages 7 to 9 
Progressives: age 9 to 12
Epics: teens
The big kids: adults - (we are never growing up)!
Open Age Group: Family-friendly, suitable for all ages.


5 - 6pm SWAGGER (Street/Commercial) - JUNIORS -with Ula


5.30 - 7pm Tuesdays Levelled Up (Intermediate Team) - PROGRESSIVES & EPICS - with Sabrina

7 - 8pm NO BIZ LIKE SHOW BIZ (Musical Theatre) - EPICS & ADULTS - with Amira/Sabrina


4.30 - 5.15pm miniSLAY (Jazz) - MINIS - with Amira *

4.30 - 5.15pm BroadwayBums (Musical Theatre) - MINIS  - with Amira *

7 - 8pm Feels I & II (Contemporary) - PROGRESSIVES - with Sabrina

7 - 8pm Feels III (Contemporary) - EPICS & ADULTS - with Sabrina 

*Minis classes are merged for this production


4 - 5pm SWAGGER II (Street/Commercial) - JUNIORS & PROGRESSIVES - with Sabrina


rest, refuel, recharge.


8 -9.30am SLAY (Advanced Team) - EPICS/ADULTS - with Sabrina

9.30 - 11am Saturday Levelled Up (Intermediate Team) - EPICS - with Sabrina

11am - 12.30pm SHOWTIME (Musical Theatre) - PROGRESSIVES & EPICS - with Amira & Sabrina

12.30 - 1.30pm lilSLAY (Jazz) - JUNIORS - with Ula


8.30 - 9.30am SPARKLE (Throwback/Retro) - OPEN AGE GROUP - with Sabrina & Ula

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